Causes and treatment of strabismus

There are many causes, such as strabismus inadequate development of genetics, injuries to muscles and nerves, but the most common reason is to control the brain. The treatment of strabismus on the preservation of vision, strengthen the eyes, restoring binocular vision with this operation.

Strabismus, better known as crossed eyes or squint eye is called, a condition where the eyes are not properly coordinated. One or both eyes may turn out, up or down. It occursequally to men and women to run in families. There can be many causes of strabismus. These include genetic inadequate development of "central casting" of the brain, problems with the control center of brain injury to muscles or nerves. But the most common cause of strabismus is to check – the brain.

Treatment of strabismus:
The treatment of strabismus include the maintenance of vision, strengthening the eyes, the restoration of binocular vision. The treatment may alsoRepositioning the unbalanced eye muscles, removing a cataract, or correcting other conditions which cause the eyes of turn.

Treatment consists of strategies to strengthen weakened muscles and align the eyes. Glasses and eye muscle exercises are prescribed. Some people need surgery. Strabismus surgery involves making a small incision in the eye tissue which allows the ophthalmologist (eye doctor) access to the underlying muscles. The eye muscles are repositioneddepending on the direction of the gaze turns. It 'must lead to surgery on both eyes. strabismus surgery in adults is often the use of adjustable sutures, the 'refine' eyes can focus shortly after the surgery or the next day. Early surgery is recommended for correct strabismus because younger children can develop normal binocular vision places, and when the eyes are directed.

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