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Thailand may be famous for its traffic jams, tuk-tuks and motorbikes, but you can avoid all of those during your trip. Travel in style with your own transport, which offers great value and can save huge amounts of time, ensuring you are able to see all the sights you want to.

Bangkok may be a maze of roads and alleys, but with a skilled driver taking you around, you can sit back and enjoy the city’s many sights. Outside of Bangkok, getting around is much easier and the options are varied. It’s possible to take the famous Oriental Express train through much of the country, sitting back in luxurious carriages while Thailand passes by. Trains may not be the fastest method of getting from A to B, but they offer the most scenic and pleasant routes. Alternatively, hire a limousine or car and have your own driver take you around. With this option you have local knowledge available all the time, and you’re able to stop off wherever you please to see local life.

For the ultimate in luxury travel, private jets are available to whisk visitors from one end of the country in little over an hour. Transport options are simple to arrange and offer the best in comfort.

 Eastern Oriental Express TrainEastern Oriental Express Train : The Eastern & Oriental Express is a luxury train that takes passengers through stunning landscapes, passes by mountains, and unexplored towns and temples. It’s simply the perfect way to see Thailand’s countryside in complete comfort.While on board there’s the chance to experience gourmet dining, have drinks in the open-air observation car or simply relax on one of the world’s finest train.In Thailand, the Eastern & Oriental Express runs from Bangkok to Singapore and Bangkok to Chiang Mai, with each journey typically taking three to four days. For a closer look at Thai life, take the ‘Epic Thailand’ seven-day journey that explores Chiang Mai, Khao Yai National Park and life in the north-east, or there’s another seven-day option that runs along the historic and picturesque River Kwai and ends in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.Any of these routes give ample opportunity to see a different side of Thailand; one that takes others hours of trekking and sweating to reach.

Private Jet : For the true jet-set lifestyle, you need your own jet. That’s possible, as several companies offer exclusive flight options. MJETS is an experienced, Bangkok-based company that opened the first private jet service terminal in Thailand at Bangkok’s Don Mueang Airport in 2010. As well as a 2,000 sq ft executive lounge for pre-flight relaxation, onboard there is plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the flight.The new terminal has two hangars and is a cornerstone in Thailand’s aviation history. The number of travelers opting for private jets is increasing as it is such a fast and convenient way to travel.

Siam Land Flying also offers flights with turbo-prop and mid-size jets to more than 30 destinations in Thailand, and most neighbouring countries. Also, OrientSKY’s fleet includes small, medium and large jets for anything from 4 to more than 30 people.

Most private jet companies will also arrange limousine transfer and hotel planning as part of the package.

 Limousine ServiceLimousine Service : You could just jump in a taxi and watch the meter tick over while you’re stuck in traffic, but why not consider taking to the roads in your own private limousine?It’s not just about the luxury car that you get to sit in; companies will also plan out routes in advance and find out the best places to take you. They will also be punctual; a quality that other types of transport are not so good at.Most limousines are used for simple transfers to and from the airport, but they are also available for longer journeys to the beaches, forests and temples. For those with special needs or physical problems, limousine transport can be a wise choice, as that personal touch and assistance can make travelling a lot simpler.Most limo companies use BMWs or Mercedes. Whichever car you choose, having your own limousine driver takes all the worry out of driving so you can focus on enjoying your trip – and getting to your hotel in style.