Botanical Gardens of Northern Thailand (Part 2)

Northern Thailand has many attractions that would be of interest to horticultural and botanical enthusiasts. Just outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand s '2. the largest city and gateway to the northern provinces, are two outstanding botanical gardens – Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden and Bhubing Castle and Garden, one of the possessions of the royal family. The best time is immediately following the end of the rainy season in early November, when the flowers are manyBloom.

Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden

In the Mae Sa Valley, an area of leisure, a mountain just 45 minutes – 1 hour drive from Chiang Mai – Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden is 960 hectares (2372 hectares) is by far the largest botanical garden and more important in Thailand. If you have a passion for botany, no trip to Thailand is complete when at last you're planning one or two days to explore this fascinating plant. Why is there so much ground to cover here,I suggest you stay in a beautiful mountain huts in the vicinity of the Garden of Mae Sa Valley, unlike a hotel in Chiang Mai.

Opened in 1993, this garden was created as a center for botanical research and for visitors who wanted to learn about plants and flowers from Thailand. Believe me, QSBG enormous. When I visited the gardens for about 2 years I have not had enough time to visit the property fund, maybe next time. There are a number of interesting botanical trailand pass through the villages of the hilly property with the prominent display of plants and tropical flowers. A path will lead you to adopt Thai plants and local medicinal plants, another route offers climbers and vines. Or maybe you want to do a walk of a small waterfall on the way you move from the Rock Garden Thai. This path ends at the Thai Orchid Nursery, home to over 350 species of orchids is native. Although, I have not had enough time to explore one of these ways, Itells me that every road takes 40-60 minutes.

While I was there, I visited the conservatory greenhouse, which houses the exhibition rainforest. Complete with an artificial waterfall powered electrically, this exhibition offers many of the plants that thrive in the rainforest – gingers, anthuriums, ferns, crickets, impatiens, begonias and other species. There are a number of temperature-controlled greenhouse on the hill, each with a different group or categoryPlants and flowers. One of the greenhouses is an amazing collection of begonias, another features mostly plants and herbs from Thailand. The unusual and exotic plant that I met there was the Bat Plant (Tacca chantrieri), which is native to Southeast Asia. The problem greenhouse gas with a series of eclectic water lilies and lotus flowers was very impressive. Watch the sharp contrast between the planters truly unique and austere marble and pans Big Black(see photo). Factoid – The lotus water is a sacred plant of the Buddhist religion.

Bhubing Palace and Park

Bhubing castle and the garden is the winter residence of the royal family. When His Royal Highness, Queen Sirikit, their visits to the season in northern Thailand is aimed at any number of community projects to work, it always comes back Bhubing place to rest.

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