Benefits of the trip from London to Paris with the Star €

Euro Star began operations in November 1994 under the English Channel via the Channel Tunnel. It 'was an amazing experience to travel from London to Paris. Euro Star trains are a cheaper way to travel to other travel options, such as flights and ferry services. As faster, more convenient and cheaper transport option today known as the lifeline of Western Europe.

Tickets for the Euro Star can be booked online via the official website of Euro Star or Rail Europe. LondonParis is only available tickets from £ 59. Tickets can be picked up at St. Pancras station. You can also use the possibility of numerous promotions and travel offers, making the travel expenses. May have a last minute, but you must have a flexible itinerary. You can also use discount on train tickets High Star € if you book your tickets several days in advance.

While driving, you need to reach the station, just 30 minutes beforeDeparture for the security check. This time is much less taken at airports, reducing the total time of travel. There is no limit to the size of luggage you can carry your luggage all at no additional cost. At St. Pancras, you will find many services such as WiFi, shops and cafes. Inside Euro Star trains you can easily upload your phone and laptop. There are also snack bars that are used for proper selection.

Euro Star LondonParis train takes only two hours and 15 minutes from London to reach Paris. You can also enjoy incredible excellent guided tours.

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