Beauty Spa & Thai massage – to take a dose of healthy tourism

Thailand has become the source of spa business in Southeast Asia. Most the land of the big hotels have a spa, where you can choose from for all face muscles Treatments, holistic treatments based on traditional Asian healing methods, a balance between the physical and spiritual. Many of these bathrooms Help richly furnished with art and antiques to rejuvenate all the senses.

What’s more, many people come to Thailand to get to make their teeth (yes, there are also a dental spa in Bangkok, too), but for a fraction of the price in the West, you can enjoy the quality of dentistry, and then use the savings for the rest of their bankroll Vacation.

Since obesity, stress, cost and maintain the lack of physical activity more and more people’s lives Years, has a good health in a matter of life or death. No wonder that so many tourists opt for a healthy holiday. This could lead to long-one weeks of fasting and irrigation schemes on a tropical island, or working in some spa treatments Doses of sites, or have your hotel make a good gym and swimming are in good shape.

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