As at 20 pounds, without falling victim to an idiot or Lose Gold Diggers


This article is strongly discouraged.

I must admit that I've always been a bit 'Fat Bastard. I am a cook by profession and work and life are not always appropriate for the balance and harmony when it comes to healthy eating.

I have been there done and more or less know the "right" way to lose weight doing successfully. I lost 26 kg over a year, which is quite fast but not fast enough to hurt you. And a lot ofSince we are talking about 79kg to 105kg. Yep – I know what I'm talking about.

There are so many scams and crooks out there.

Magic Pills, potions, new discoveries, the Mariana Trench Amazing berry seeds harvested mountain goat really from Everest – well, no. But they can be good. Amazonian berry, chiton shells, rare plant extracts – not the answer. Furthermore, the constant mockery of dangerous "burning heat"Pharmaceuticals.

I have the answer, and I put it here. Only one item and do not need to register to attend or buy something. Amazing huh? Someone who is a damn enough to say that they are free.

Doctors, nutritionists, celebrities and all the charlatans recommend one, crazy or just stupid diets to their products, books and sell polished personal branding.

All his Bollocks.

You are on the loose predation, prey, so they usedme

Nobody is proud to be a fact, and is so sensitive that the law governing discrimination against fat people. fat people are people too.

Yes, we are. We are people who are ashamed of the wheels and tires for bacon and garnish it defines our body.

We are trying to win to change our eating habits for a few weeks back, some self-respect and praise from friends and relatives who tell us how well we are doing. Then we become discouraged.

It takes too long andare not sufficient. We wonder if everything is worth it. We hate going to the gym and do not want to give up sweets, fried foods or sugary way.

I lost you yet? Calling you a fact? What kind of a frog fat, plump or Tubbs?

This is the best weapon in our arsenal – our own lack of self-esteem can bring on a permanent basis of what is really needed – a gradual change of lifestyle.

The truth is obvious.

You wake up one morning fat? Clenching jaws of horror andpulled out of the room, scaring family and pets?

Chances are good that once were a burden OK – and in recent years, your lifestyle and diet, to have "suddenly" changed a few years later, you're fat. And the great task of reversing this address defeatist "inevitable trend.

Examine what you put in your mouth, every hour, every day.

Look what you have less in line with activity.

These are key factors. Yes, I know you have aMillions of reasons, and I do not care. I do not want to justify, quantify, and I accept them without any bullshit.

Once I was cycling to work, and love of 3-to 5 km from my work. My diet has not changed much, but it is my perception. When I got married, I bought a car had a child, and began to go anywhere. Finding parking took time. I was always rushing.

Work involved much effort and sweat. Over time, I went to the Internet began. At least three hoursSitting days before the computer is idle. I normally have a drink and on-line.

See the pattern?

Less exercise, more calories, more inactivity.

My life before activity enough to offset the cans of sugary drinks, fatty foods with high glycemic index foods, and processed foods that are energy and not much else.

Are able to justify my actions. But seek help and not a quick fix.

The problem with quick and easy solution to know thatUpdates quickly so you can then claim success back to do the same thing that made you fat in the first place. I moved to Dubai, where it is cheap and petrol cars, a culture of not walking, food and places to fast on bread or potatoes, as I have ever seen in my life.

The next step was to Kazakhstan – a place where I decided to live downtown and walk to work. It took 20 minutes at a constant speed (30 deflected in the first) and I got an MP3 player and I am with how Istep.

At the same time, I visited the market a couple of times a week – and keeping only fresh food on hand.

No junk food – but striking fresh fruit, meat, sausage, cheese, bread and ingredients to make quick easy, healthy meals.

As a chef I have 'no time' to eat.

That had to change. My body was to learn, "Store" to eat all the food and I do not metabolize.

I started to make me eat breakfast.

In the dark days I could walk 12Hours without food, so hungry for home and eat unhealthy food quickly.

When I started to walk, and eat three meals a day, I was suddenly hungry hungry when food was an hour late.

My body knew that food was late, and began to punish me.

Alcohol is also one, but a subject. In Dubai I had to drink on most days.

I cut a little 'back – but not completely. I replaced smoking for a little drink '. It depends which way you want to die. These habits are hard toKick.

Nothing was more dramatic. I changed my diet made gradually.

The first step was the way to work. Not practical – but I love photography and new things to see. So I went around with my camera. Exercise disguised as lust. Screw the gym membership. Why? Ask a fortune, and if you do not like, the end does not work or find excuses. Do your job for something you enjoy at least a month or two. That's all you need. Then it is no longer aLoad. It is indeed welcome.

Diet – not all at once.

Just start with food three times a day.

Making gradual but permanent change. If you or a meal that you, as it (healthy or healthy) breakfast to find a good, cheap and locally available, add it to your repertoire.

Diets are one of the worst way to lose weight. Sure, it can work. We saw that on TV (LOL)

It's just that when you stop, and return toFat lifestyle, you start getting fat again.

It 's like a boat to stop soaking sink. She did not fall while saving water. But eventually reaches critical mass and can not save fast enough.

Can be deposited continuously and a sailor's happy – but if you give to the stop, you sink.

Diets are "bailing out the fat.

The best and only real solution is to fix the leak, so you should no longer be saved.

Drink water.

Start by replacingone or two drinks per day with water.

Namely, fruit juices, soft drinks, milk, energy drinks and diet drinks.

Your body needs water to flush the garbage and rejuvenate.

Water has zero calories / kilojoules – against other beverages. Some drinks have tons of calories.

swollen soft drinks and fruit juices that you like a Zeppelin. I actually exchanged all "beverages unnatural" for "juice" thought to be healthy. My doctor told me that in fact the fruitsFruit juices have been drinking one of the worst things when trying to lose weight. He was right.

Water is tasteless, bloody, if you have to change it. Just start drinking water every day – which is more than can other drinks for water-swap – the faster you lose weight or stop gaining faster. It 's a biggie!


This is very important. The non-fibrous capsules. No replacement. Not used super-rich "extra fight against cancer Amazonian Mega-Fiber by NASA and recommendedEinstein before he died "of fiber.

Only eat processed foods.

This is not a package and not the grade, and probably not so comfortable.

This means fruits, vegetables, meat and fish that are out of the garden, a farm, a beach or somewhere for a tree.

Very simple.

This junk box in processed foods, white bread, garbage is killing us.

Staples: When an occasional meal of potatoes, rice or bread for a "swap carb healthy" your progressgrow exponentially.

good things to eat instead of potatoes or white bread, are the following:

brown rice, lentils, dried beans (cooked, of course), or simply lose carb every few days and have a lot of meat and vegetables.

Cutting fat is not so important. Carbohydrates and fats – fats and sugars, starches and fatty foods that we are dealing with.

The drinks are actually a major source of hidden calories.

The secret is not really one.

It 's just that so many "professionals"Who can be bloody ashamed of yourself, you say that you definitely lose weight through diet or pills.

It is not possible.

you can lose weight faster than you on that – but you can never keep your current lifestyle and diet to lose weight and even if it starts to drugs as something permanent. Forever. Its just so.

And if you do not have drugs, you can lose weight, stop you. And then there will be right back, twice as fast.

I must lose a year,26 kilos.

The first month I actually thicker and heavier. How discouraging.

This is quite normal. It will not be one of the above and start losing weight in a week or two.

Your body will fight.

Start doing some activities that do not like. Start dealing with the "operation". They do not surrender. You can walk, sports, sex, chase the neighbors dog, running away by taxi, and then abused other fat people waddling at high speed – isdoes not matter. But this is to increase the daily work – a bit '. But in the long term.

Do not suddenly start to walk five hours a day. Do today what you can comfortably fit into your lifestyle as a normal part of the day for the next 10 years. Buy a dog and walk it. Walk for hot girls or boys drool. Whatever. Keep doing. Remember that only 10% to 20% increase in dividends daily activities.

Hint – Sex can be fun and also burns calories. It 'also interestingenough to want to do regularly. I'm not funny. Suffice it to say. Bear to remember. For me it was to walk to work. He was free, and I was motivated to do so. If not, I would quickly purse, or have a car that would cost extra in many buy fuel, maintenance and car payments.

Start juices and soft drinks for changing the water. If you MUST juices – is also close to fresh fruit. Purchased or are expensive or have bloody sugar
StartChange s foods fresh from the farm, the sea or the garden.
Everything white with the word "usually bad things additives 🙂 White Sugar, white bread white rice, white flour – everything is white, because the fibers are healthy, stripped and placed in food storage nutritionless hours.

Avoid fruits and vegetables – buy fresh. Avoid meat products like chicken Kiev, cooked hamburger, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, canned sauces. All are full of additives andprocessed. Get meat and fish. Fresh fruits and vegetables. It is not rocket science, but the marketing guru who hunger for their unhealthy shit. Once you start, gradually changing to enjoy and eat fresh food, is something to your liking. Your taste and enjoyment of the better food.

Avoid fast-food chains. Yes, the famous Burger Company, dressed chicken southern bearded, and all the imitators, some of the unhealthy and fattening, the soulto destroy food that are edible. See the movie "Supersize Me" and see what happens if you eat McDonalds every day for a month. It 's a bit extreme, but far from fresh food and also with three meals this week, your body begins to' weight gain 'mode of movement.

You fanatics, start slowly with a few meals of fresh foods during the week. Develop a taste for them, and make a U-turn After five days with fresh food and fast food twice a week. Then learn to make your own kitchenFast food. You will not believe how their food is really bad, until you try the same thing done correctly. I know. I am a cook.

Alcohol. Yes, I understand. So do I. In the grand scheme of things, it's a shitty light beer – they drink to get drunk. There are some low-carb beers full force. Beer and spirits are the worst for weight gain.

Red wine is a bit 'better. I'm not saying that you become a Wino, but with half a bottle of wine a day, outweighed by the increasingthree beers. With spirits, you also get a double whammy clicks – using the mixer is usually full of sugar. If you can try and control your drinking, which has an automatic effect of reducing the weight or help your weight loss. If you remain dependent on alcohol should also consider Tweaker. In for a penny a pound in ;-).

But seriously, alcohol is full of calories, and usually ends after your hunger, fried fatty foods. why?

Crisps and snacks.Potatoes are fattening. French fries or worse. Crisps and snacks in bags are the roof Freakin '. Try swap baggies for real food. I'm not talking carrot sticks. How about shots of meat, beer sticks, red pepper, walnuts – or perhaps just enough for each of three meals a day, you do not need their stuff to travel with Pringles and Twinkies? I know of his radical solution, but it worked for me. Eat my fill three times a day so has my metabolismwhen they go to work. really, I write in a semi-funny, but I'm dead serious. Snacking is a choice, not necessity

Three meals a day This is a great one. Breakfast and be easy to eat. I actually found that a good cereal (natural and not full of sugar and spices) was actually a good starter. Porridge is pretty good, but tastes bland and must be raised with sugar and cream. Hmmmm. Khao Tom Thai rice soup – a soup of Asian rice is great – and can be good if you dogood. Learn to do well. Think lunch in advance. You do not have to go all new age and begin to bring a box of organic lunch. Just try and get some new something. Swap white bread, wholemeal bread, or think outside the box. If your lunch, look to buy the healthiest option. The lack of choice for lunch in Dubai killed me – too many fast food chains, and the healthy stuff too expensive. yeah – I'm not rich yet. There are no options. Only little by little and think about what youGoing to put in your body.That 's on it.

I can still write a lot more, but I'm not a guru, weight loss or a street vendor to remedy weight loss.

I'm not a guy that can calculate the money to give a magic solution overnight. Neither are.

I'm just a guy who actually lost weight – twice.

Once in Dubai, when I got to photograph a walk, and along the rivers and the old town every evening. And then, after I lost my family came and I fell ingo anywhere, do not walk and eat, drink and socialize. Less activity, more calories. It took me six months to lose weight – three years more to get back on.

The second time was three years ago in Kazakhstan. I'm there in June to 105kg and left in June the following year with 79.6kg.

Now I'm in Thailand, an average between 79 and 83kg.

I drink a few beers to sit still online, but I eat healthy food and get out and walk, swim andPhotography in view order. I found the activity that works for me.

I write a blog about my travels as a cook – recipe blog, food ingredients and some strange discoveries.

I do not write weight loss, but I'm happy all the questions, or give recipes and cooking hints to answer, if you want to help them set up on fresh food. I can visit my website if you want feedback. (See details below)

I do not sell anything.

I hate these self-help andweight loss guru, because I have allowed, as disappointed as they are likely to feel nourished.

Save your money. Do not buy their books and their magic pills and potions. Do not buy a shit or abdomeniser infomercial. What to do – a gradual change, daily life, be durable, and within two months to start seeing the weight of said drop-off. And do not be disappointed if it increases slightly in the first weeks. And 'normal.

Good luck and I hope to hear your success stories- Not so fast – but in a year if it has one major difference seems to be your permanent, health, relationships, quality of life and self-esteem

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