Andaman Coast to be adventurous, like James Bond

If it is simply hard or soft adventure, sea kayak enjoy the sun on a tropical beach, the islands of Krabi Province (known as the setting for the beach) and Phuket (near where the man The Golden Gun was filmed), the destinations are truly amazing.

The symbol of Krabi, the oldest continuously inhabited province will be Thailand and the limestone. Exclamation of nature, these huge Monoliths dot the Earth’s geography Krabi, and provide dramatic cliffs Sunsets Framing. Afi Cionados for water sports, there are many opportunities for a flow of adrenaline fl because of jet-skis to banana boat rides, parasailing and marine fi shing.

But soft beauty of the tour in the area are available, too. One of the most beautiful hikes Phang-Nga Bay tour, interspersed with limestone cliffs rising hundreds of meters from the sea. Most of these routes in a stopover in Iceland, James Bond, while “Help for Children and kayaking through sea caves, open Reservoirs, because the water flows calm aquamarine which is surrounded by limestone Cliffs.

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