Amazing Thailand Candle Festival in Ubon Ratchathani

Ubon Ratchathani is home to a festival to celebrate Candle in July of each year of Buddhist Lent. There are other Candle Festival in Ubon, but that is the largest and best known in Thailand.

Most activities are Tung Sri Muang, the park instead. There are several events in other places in the city.

The candle festival has its origin in the ceremonies, traditions and rituals that surround Buddhist Lent. During the monsoon season monks retire inTemple. The local people, providing, and to give credit candles and cloth.

The event extended to local artisans the opportunity to hone their art through the creation of large wax sculptures to commemorate the day. The highlight of the festival is a parade Upparat Road on the day of Buddhist Lent. You'll see, will present the works of various groups, temples and organizations in the procession.

During the parade, which will only have the possibility to all the appearance of waxCreations, but also many local groups in traditional costumes and runs a local dance and singing. It is very lively and colorful. An event that must surely be an experience of a lifetime.

Before the day of the parade, you can ride Ubon Ratchathani and show the progress of work. They have involved the opportunity to see firsthand the process of making these works of art.

You can also participate in the traditional procession of people for their time.They deserve to go. At the same time you have a chance to unique architecture of the temple, you pay a visit.

The day before the move up to 30 key items, candles float around Tung Sri Muang will be set up for visitors to see close to demand and take photos and the heart. You'll be really excited the attention to detail of these masterpieces.

An international competition of sculpture was added. The teams are from Europe, Australia to competeScandinavia and other parts of Asia.There is strong competition in this case. To be the winner is a respected and highly sought after.

Later in the days before the parade and a couple of days, there are vendors, games, rides and other activities for your pleasure and around the park and the provincial hall.

If you are in Ubon Ratchathani for the festival, you can also other sights and attractions. Make the most of your visit,unforgettable.

You should visit soon plans to Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand and experience the famous Ubon Candle Festival.

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