Amazing Bangkok – The capital of Thailand

Bangkok is the largest and most populous city in Thailand. It 'also the capital of Thailand.' Used to be known in Krung Thep Thai. Bangkok is located on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River.

The original name of Krung Thep in use for more than two centuries. Bangkok is the name used for foreign visitors, and is limited to a certain part of town.

There are three royal palaces in Bangkok. There are many historical sitesin and around the city. It 'was the capital for the two kingdoms, namely, Krung Thep, and for a short period, Thorn Buri. The lying Buddha, Temple of the giant golden Buddha, historical sculptures along the banks of the Chao Phraya is.

Bangkok has always attracted tourists, and this is why many foreigners who have settled in this beautiful city. Many of them have found work and then there are others who have started their own business, earn aLiving. There are others who have come from Western countries expensive to retire to enjoy a cheap, easy and comfortable life to live in this hospitable city.

The night life offers diverse entertainment for the people and is considered one of the main attractions of Bangkok. There are clubs and cafes for the rich and bars for those on a budget. A road in Phra Nakhon district, known as Khao San Road, is considered the first international meetingStreet, where all types of people from different parts of the world can be seen.

Former Bangkok used to be a network of channels, known as khlongs and these were used by people to carry from place to place. Now most of the channels were turned into roads. However, there are still a few channels that are seen, but unfortunately, most of them are not cleaned.

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