All good things to remember when traveling

Only when traveling to your destination with luggage in tow, is often to achieve success. So we thought we'd share with you the benefits of some of the things we learned from many years of dive travel.

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Passport and / or VISA – receive all other documents required reservation (ie, current vaccinations / inoculations).

Tickets – seems obvious, but with all the running you do before you go, eh, heEvents. Make sure before leaving for the airport.

Money belt / wallet to take – Something identification / financing obtained.

Cash – There is nothing like when hungry and chip shops do not accept the pebbles.

Traveller's checks – a safe form of cash and interchangeable when they are lost or stolen, provided that separate accounts.

Credit Cards – Keep one with you and the other hidden in a separate place in case of channel belt in the tropicsHeat is mysteriously denied or the card is lost or stolen.

Credit Cards – Use these buttons to quickly and easily in local currency, you often get a better exchange rate if you use the ATM card.

Certification cards / log – I have before me and I forget I am an instructor! Be sure to package them with your most important identity documents so they can provide proof of certification and experience diving.

Insurance Info – Provides a cancellation, a dose of SARS or natural disastersacceptable, if you know they're not all the time and money. Diving insurance is highly recommended as a precautionary measure, and could make a big difference for you (see our separate article in this newsletter).

Photocopies of all documents – Put copies of important documents in your carry-emergency referrals and give a copy to make a call, can, if you need help.

Toothbrush and toothpaste – to improve the prospects for a novel holidayconsiderably. The girls of Patong might turn up their noses if you forget … again.

Shampoo and Conditioner – provide more air than you think, what is needed for extra protection. The sea is the great equalizer when the green bleached hair.

Soap and deodorant – Do unto others as they would with you.

Shavers – you have to pack in hand luggage.

Medicine and toiletries – Keep medicines and toiletries in hand luggage.It will not be very good in the hold, or if your baggage ends up somewhere else by mistake.

Prescription drugs – No need to spend time in jail for something you have a recipe, and only when needed a refill, for information on recipe at hand can save a lot of time and pain.

glasses or contact lenses replacement – Nice to see on vacation.

Sunscreen to avoid – to remember the look of the Hummer, because the sun you get whenThey are waiting in the water on the surface for the boat to pick you up.

First Aid Kit – You want one if someone can help and even happier if someone. Remember, decongestant, just in case.

Contraceptives and feminine hygiene products – Well, you never know what you meet in night diving in Phuket. Experiments, the locals who do not know English, with the exception of "Taxi? Tuk Tuk?

Sunglasses – is useful when you said that withoutYou do not want to take a taxi.

Phone Card – If you do not want to take your phone anywhere, put a calling card. You can use it to kill time while waiting at the airport and keep last-minute travel arrangements to clean his fingernails while you are delayed waiting for the place of embarkation.

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