Adventure Sports in Venezuela

Venezuela, also known as Little Venice in Spanish, is one of the most beautiful and impressive sights in the world. In recent years, Venezuela has an exponential growth of its tourism industry due to the fact that their natural beauty seen remains completely intact. In addition to its beautiful destinations Venezuela offers unparalleled adventure with a variety of activities and places to discover.

Some major adventure sports in Venezuelalisted below.

Walking and trekking more than 40 national parks and 20 nature reserves, Venezuela has some of the best experiences of trekking, jungle trekking and camping.

Windsurfing: sandy beaches and palm trees lined up in Cuyagua are ideal for windsurfing. These beaches are known as surf a perfect weekend retreat and enjoy famous for their so fascinating, beautiful surroundings and extraordinary cleaning. More great choices for windsurfingVenezuela Paraguana include beaches, Peninsula de Araya and the resort of El Yaque, Isla Margarita. The waters of the Caribbean on the north coast of Venezuela is an ideal destination for snorkeling and diving. Mochima Morrocoy National Parks and certain other types of water jet skiing, water skiing and banana boats are known.

Kite Surfing: Another adventure of sport is popular with local and foreign tourists is the kite-surfing on the beaches ofMoroccoy. Moroccoy not provide surfers with the type of waves Cuyagua is famous. However, the region for its magnificent turquoise waters with abundant sea breeze is well known. Similar types of conditions throughout the length of the 'island of Margarita, where the sport has a great demand available. Several kite surfing training are all available on the coast.

Climbing and paragliding lush rugged Andes in Merida, and the Great Caripe tepius removedSabana is an attractive destination for rock climbers and paragliders from all over the world. This stunning region offers the right kind of climate and environment for the adventure sports that mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, horseback riding, are paragliding, hang gliding and mountain biking necessary. The beautiful rivers flowing through deep valleys, lush offer a perfect opportunity for visitors to take practical trout fishing, rafting and kayaking. In fact, fishingvery popular in the Orinoco Delta and its tributaries, the Rio Chico, Lake and Lake Guri Camatagua.

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