accommodation in Bangkok for backpackers

If you backpack through Europe, you can search for Khao San Hostels. However, this is a common form of accommodation not just in Southeast Asia and that includes Bangkok. What you are looking for is a cheap board or Khao San Khao San for a cheap hotel, but as a hostel. The word "hostel" is so deeply rooted in the vernacular backpackers, however, that talk a lot about one of the great Khao San "hostels", where they slept.

If you have not heard of Khan San Road(O "Thanon Khao San" in Thai) is the destination of choice for young backpackers in Bangkok in the book and film titled, The Beach (Leonardo DiCaprio film) cemented. Many use it as a base for their travels to other parts of the beach in Thailand, both for a walk in the jungle or the time on the Internet. It 's a perfect place for a young traveler culture, to meet friends from all over the world, and for those who live in Bangkok, a road and the surrounding area that has some greatRestaurants.

Basically a cheap guesthouse in Khao San you can use your personal space for as low as 100 Baht. May be a couple of dorm-style hostels Khao San, but not necessary. For the price a few dollars, why not your private room? In general, a shower and toilet with the rest of the room, but sleeping with a bed and a door lock on the actions of the rule.

So if you are a backpacker looking for budget accommodation in Bangkok, opportunitiesAre you in the direction of one of the dirt cheap Hotel Khao San. If you stay out of trouble (a big effort there was caution in the area) and when you get home you can tell how a surprising economic Khao San stayed inn.

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