A visit to Malaysia – Thailand border area

My thoughts recalled my visit to Southeast Asia recently, at the invitation of the then Sri Lankan High Commissioner in Malaysia, Mrs. Rosy Senanayake. I wanted to limit crossover to the land of the Thailand-Malaysia, although many friends advised me that it was too risky. Muslim rebels in southern Thailand is a major problem in Southeast Asia.

Although I had a visa to travel to Thailand, Malaysia, I heard my trip to Kuala Lumpur on ButterworthStation and visited the island of Penang in Malaysia, once a British colonial capital of Malaysia. I thought the danger at this time the turbulence was very high across the Thailand border Malaysia. I had more ground realities and situations for the study, reinforced the border first.

While I was waiting for Kuala Lumpur Express at the Butterworth station, there was a young lady waiting for the train Malaysian same at the next table. My casual chat with her gave methe ability to weigh the ground realities better than I assumed. E 'was near the Malaysian state of Keda neighboring Thailand' s Muslim from the province.

When I talked to her about political unrest in southern Thailand's Muslim areas, have come with sad stories. He said: "The Muslim province in the south of Thailand, Malaysia was annexed by Thailand in 1902 as a buffer against the British," and gone ", the Islamic sultanate of Pattani morewhich by some as the cradle of Islam in Southeast Asia are ".
He told the story of the birth of the Muslim rebellion in Thailand. She said with a smile, that Muslims in southern Thailand are just a reflection of rural Muslims in Malaysia.

I understand your concerns and how little have visited these areas, it was not only well informed about problems But emotionally attached to Those areas and problems. E 'come to voice disappointingThailand oppressive government policy was not beneficial for Muslims. He emphasized that "the southern provinces of Thailand, where Muslims are some of the poorest provinces and underdeveloped to date."

He continued: "The reason for corrupt officials stealing is intended for development cooperation. Mis management of the Government with the autonomy of military personnel combined worse was that the alienationalready widespread. Daily life in urban areas was through joint patrols and illegality makes it difficult for the authorities to do that militant separatists or "differentiate affected.

Following a brief pause, I asked what he needs, if the situation were prolonged without any interruption. He thought a moment and came up with the fact that in southern Thailand remains relatively poor, marginalized, and misunderstood by the government and BangkokMilitary.
The Muslim way of life based on survival, and not benefiting the development of major industries in their provinces.

He also emphasized that really important, as these industries expand, the Pattani are pushed farther and farther from their markets. Farmers were required for smallholders, as most who teach for their country. He went on to say that Muslims do not oppose theGovernment or their representatives, but the subject of oppressive and exploitative nature of the presence of these organizations'.

He counted some of the wrong policy of the government, as the Village Fund program and the legalization of lotteries in the field who are against the teachings of Islam.

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