A third of Americans are overweight, WHO estimates

Obesity is an abnormal increase in the amount of fat in your body, especially in the abdominal region, intestines, and the tissue under the skin. World Health Organization (WHO) defines the term "obesity" as a BMI equal to or greater than 30, while "overweight" is less than 25 years. BMI (Body Mass Index) is a simple index of weight for height, which is commonly used in the classification of obesity and overweight. And 'as if the weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters(Kg/m2).

According to the World Health Statistics 2010 published by WHO, one third of American adults (men: 31.1%, women: 33.2%) were obese in the period 2000-2009, the same figures last year for 2000 – 2007. The percentages, however, the increase for the United Kingdom: 24.0% for males and females in 2000-2009 vs 22.3% and 23.0% for adult males and females for the period 2000-2007.

The WHO report is to calculate annual data from its 193 Member StatesStates.

Countries with more than 50% of adults over 15 years are obese Tonga (men: 56.1%, women: 74.9%), Cook Islands (men: 57.4%, women: 65.7%), Nauru (men: 50.3% female: 56.0%), Tuvalu (women: 67.6%) and Kiribati (women: 58.9%).

Vietnam is the country with the lowest obesity rate of male 0.3%, women 06%. Other Asian countries such as Japan (men: 2.9%, women: 3.3%), China (men: 2.4%, women: 3.4%), Thailand (males: 3.3%, women: 10, 2%)Singapore (men: 6.7%, women: 4.7%) and Philippines (men: 3.0%, women: 5.7%) had a comparatively lower obesity rates. It seems that fewer and fewer people are obese in Asian countries.

Obesity and overweight are risk factors associated with increased morbidity and mortality associated. It can lead to serious health problems such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes and some cancers. For an obese person, because fewer calories are considered as being consumed, an accumulation of fatty deposits onthe inner walls of blood vessels, blood flow to the heart or brain can cause increased blood pressure pumps blood to the organs. As you accumulate more fat, ultimately it creates a block that prevents blood flow to the heart or brain. And you experience heart attacks and strokes. In many cases, the onset of diabetes, the result of obesity.

For this reason, one third of American companies introduced or are about to getEncouraging overweight people off. For example, OhioHealth awards a maximum of $ 500 for an employee, the most walks. But a Cornell University research has shown that the result was less satisfactory than a pound an employee who has been lost in these activities.

In fact, you are what you eat. As part of a healthy diet and exercises regularly and continuously as if to give the necessary weight. One thing is important:Do not eat more than you need!

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