12 Confederate Flag Amazing Facts – From Stars and Bars, The Rebel Flag

Q: How many stars has the flag of the United States at the beginning of the civil war in 1861?

A: There were 33 stars representing the 33 states.

Q: resign after the election of Abraham Lincoln, seven EU countries. What were they?

A: South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas.

Q: If these 7 were secede from the Union, the star of these 7 states of the United States flag removed?

A: No, President Lincoln refused to remove theStars representing the states to secede from the Union.

Q: What are the new organization to create these 7 states secessionists?

A: Representatives from these seven states quickly formed a political organization called the Confederate States of America.

Q: What was the first official flag of the Confederacy?

A: The 1st National Flag, also known as "Stars and Bars flag was chosen as the official flag was flown from March 1861 to May 1863 with 7 stars, 7secession of States.

Q: There have been other states that seceded from the Union?

A: Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee and North Carolina all fallen for a total of 11-State of the Federation.

Q: Who are the Confederate States of America have chosen as their leader?

A: February 8, 1861 the Confederate States of America adopted a constitution and within ten days had elected Jefferson Davis as president. Montgomery, Alabama, was the capital.

Q: Why was the "Stars and Bars flagreplaced by the National Confederation of May 2, 1863?

A: The flag of Stars and Bars caused confusion on the battlefield, because there is so much like the Stars and Stripes, Union Flag.

Q: Why is the 2nd National (also known as "Stainless Steel Flag ') show 13 stars, even though only 11 states that seceded from the Union?

A: The Confederate States of America to choose, Kentucky and Missouri, like a star on this flag, as they were slaveholders, and were divided legislature, bothConfederation and the Union.

Q: Why was the 2nd National Confederation of abuse by the 3rd National Confederation in March 1865? (See link below to take pictures of this flag)

A: The 2nd National Confederation of the flag was part of a white flag, when there is wind blowing and kept only see white. A red vertical stripe was added so that it can not be confused
with a white flag.

Q: When and where was transported to the Navy Jack flag?

A: The Navy Jack, also known as"Rebel Flag" or "Southern Cross" was carried on ships Confederate 1863-1865 and was in the form of space than the rectangular flag most popular today.

Q: After the Civil War changed in 1865, as was the flag of the United States?
A: had 35 stars. A star was in Kansas, and has a star for West Virginia, after it separated from Virginia.

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